Our quality would not be achieved without the efforts of our engineers and technical experts who are committed to the impeccable construction and continuous improvement of our products. In all phases of production we carry out internal controls by trained personnel, in this way we are able to achieve high quality products from both an aesthetic and functional point of view. With quick reflexes and agility, the production process is performed in excellent time and excellent methods.
The expertise and experience of our workers, our state of the art equipment and streamlined production process, ensure that all the orders and projects that we undertake, are always completed on time and delivered without any flaws or problems whatsoever.

Our facilities are situated in East Thessaloniki, on the road of Thermi Panorama and you are welcome to visit them any time.

Our production process in a nutshell

Step 1 Import of special materials from Italy

Step 2 Construction of the Standard X Lattice

Step 3 Cutting, piercing and assembling of the X lattices

Step 4 Installation of locks and joining hooks

Step 5 Paint and Delivery